2019 Land Pride RCR1860

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Umpqua Valley Tractor
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Land Pride



Ideal for cleaning around the farm, the pond, or empty lots in the city.

Features: Floating 3-Point wich allows deck to follow the terrain,A fully-welded deck that adds additional strength, it´s High blade tip speed ensures clean cut, Single or dual tailwheel on 84", a Heavy-duty tailwheel spindle, All-welded formed channels front to rear, wich add superior strength, and lower clevises for easy hookup

  • Surpassed rugged industry standards: All Land Pride cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures specified by ANSI.
  • 5 Year gearbox warranty: Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity.
  • Cat. 3 driveline with shearbolt: Shearbolt offers maximum driveline protection.
  • Cat. 3 driveline with 2-plate slip-clutch: Slip-clutch driveline offers convenience for continual work.
  • Dual position clevis type 3-point floating top link: Permits deck to follow the terrain for an even cut. Additional set of holes for tractors with shorter top links.
  • Lower clevis type 3-point hitch: Allows for ease of hook-up to tractor. Also adds additional strength allowing for an even pull from the tractor’s lower arms, vs. pulling on a single pin design.
  • Heavy 10 gauge deck construction: Can withstand more abuse than lighter gauge decks.
  • Box tubing deck supports: Makes for a stronger rigid deck.
  • Fully welded deck: Robotic welded. Adds additional strength.
  • Extended cutter front: For increased material flow and added protection.
  • Round back design: Helps discharge grass better than enclosed or partially enclosed cutters.
  • 7 1/4" Deck height: Allows cutter to handle heavy cutting conditions.
  • 1 1/2" to 13" Cutting height: Provides for a wide range of cutting conditions.
  • Full length skid shoes: Provides sidewall reinforcement and full protection to bottom of sidewall.
  • 1/2" x 3" Heat-treated free swinging blades: Free swinging protects from obstructions. Heat-treated offers longer life.
  • Splined blade bar hub: Allows for tight positive fit of stump jumper and blade bar to gearbox output shaft.
  • 10 Gauge stump jumper: Standard round stump jumper slides over stumps, rocks, and debris.
  • High blade tip speed: 16,360 FPM
  • 15"Laminated tailwheel: Laminated material is long lasting in rough conditions.
  • 4" x 16" Solid rubber tailwheel: Can’t go flat.
  • Heavy-duty spindle on tailwheel: Tailwheels take a beating, 1 1/4" spindle gives the strength to protect tailwheel assembly.
  • Guarding: Protect against flying debris. Customer must choose to include chain or rubber on the front and rear. Rear Metal Band standard.
  • Driveline Holder: Keeps driveline up out of dirt. Easier hook up of driveline.
  • Model Number: RCR1860
  • Implement Weight: 599 lbs.(With laminated tailwheel, slip clutch driveline, front rubber guards and rear metal band)
  • Hitch: Category l with floating clevis top link, Quick-Hitch ready
  • Cutting Width: 60"
  • Overall Width: 65"
  • Overall Length: 99 3/8"
  • Deck Height (Bottom of Deck to Bottom of Skid Shoe): 7 1/2"
  • Cutting Height: 1 1/2" - 13"
  • Cutting Capacity: 2" Diameter
  • Recommended Tractor Horsepowe: 20-65 horsepower
  • Power Take-Off Speed: 540 rpm
  • Gearbox: 1:1.93 Speed-up beveled gears, Cast iron housing
  • Gearbox Oil Capacity & Lubricant: 4.5 Pints of EP 80-90W oil
  • Deck Material Thickness: 10 Ga. (.134")
  • Side Skirt Material Thickness: 10 Ga. (.134")
  • Deck Construction: All welded deck
  • Skid Construction: Full length welded on
  • Stump Jumper: Round pan 10 ga. x 24" with blade holder bar
  • Blades (2): 1/2" x 3" Heat treated alloy steel, Free-swinging high lift - low friction
  • Blade Bolts: Keyed with harden flat washers & lock nuts.
  • Blade Tip Speed: 16,363 FPM
  • Driveline: ASAE Category 3 shearbolt or 2-plate slip-clutch, Driveline Protection; Optional - Center shearbolt protection; Optional - Center bolt 2 plate slip clutch
  • Tailwheel Mount Assembly: Welded A-arm and caster fork with 360 degree swivel
  • Tailwheel: 4" x 8" x 15" Laminated tire with cast iron hub or 4" x 16" molded rubber tire
  • Front Guard: Optional: Rubber Belting, Accessory: Chain Guard
  • Rear Guard: Standard: Metal Band; Optional: Rubber Belting; Accessory: Chain Guard



Working Width
60 in.
65 in.
99 3/8 in.
599 lb.
Recommended HP
20-65 hp

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